Wang Xun, Executive Vice-President of WTCA, Visits Kunming WTC

Aug 01, 2013

On July 29, 2013, Mr. Wang Xun, Vice-President of World Trade Center Association (WTCA), and his team visited Kunming WTC, and relevant leaders of Kunming World Trade Center (WTC) warmly received them.
Relevant leaders of WTCA, Provincial Trade Promotion Organization, Development and Reform Commission, Investment Promotion Bureau and Bureau of Commerce were brought together to attend the Preparatory Symposium on World Trade Center and Kunming Economic Development Forum. In the symposium, Mr. Liu Yueming, the Executive Director of Kunming WTC, presented the development prospects, planning, construction and operation concept for the development of Kunming WTC in detail. Later, Mr. Wang Xun introduced the new development orientation and development plan in Asian-Pacific region of WTC Headquarter, and presented the importance of WTC construction to local trade and economic development.
Mr. Wan Xun indicated that the WTC Headquarter had taken many actions and measures to help develop facilities and service for WTC members of Chinese cities. He thought Kunming had geographical advantage which can radiate across South and Southeast Asia. In the future, WTCA would like to enhance exchange with the two regions through Kunming WTC. WTCA hopes Kunming WTC can integrate resources and turn into a regional representative of WTC, and meanwhile, WTCA will give full support.
In addition, the three parties also gave an insight into the later in-depth exchange, for instance, matters related to application for 2016 WTC Annual Meeting and establishment of Kunming WTC Club. It is hoped that the three parties can continuously enhance communication on cooperation in the next step and make joint efforts on achieving cooperation and mutual benefits.