COMSOL Conference 2015 at WTC Grenoble !

Sep 21, 2015

GRENOBLE, FRANCE - The 11th COMSOL Conference, the world’s largest event on multiphysics simulation, will take place from October to November 2015 in 6 cities around the world: Boston (USA), Grenoble (France), Pune (India), Curitiba (Brazil), Beijing (China) and Seoul (South Korea). The COMSOL Conference attracts more than 2,000 engineers, researchers and scientists worldwide and provides them with an excellent opportunity to showcase their work, share innovative technologies and best practices, as well as acquire new modeling skills.

The European COMSOL Conference will take place this year in COMSOL France’s headquarters, in Grenoble at World Trade Center Grenoble, from October 14 to 16 2015.

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