WTC Goa - Women's Seminar -From Local to Global

Apr 29, 2022

Conquering the Global Exports Market just got Simpler for Women Entrepreneurs!

"Women entrepreneurs Economic Empowerment - From Local to Global" was the theme of the Seminar jointly hosted by World Trade Center Goa and the Women's Wing of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WWGCCI). The Seminar was organized at the Nalanda Hall, EDC House, Panaji Goa, on 28th April 2022.

The main objective of the seminar as spelt out by Mr. Cyril Desouza, Assistant Director - Trade Promotion World Trade Center Goa, during his opening remarks, was to address the three main challenges namely of Finance, Ideas and Market reach that are becoming so daunting especially in the post COVID -19 scenario and especially challenging for Women Entrepreneurs as they seek to find greater Economic Empowerment in the Global business arena.

The finance aspect was addressed by Ms. Pallavi Salgaocar, Chairperson, WWGCCI, and certified Chartered Accountant, who started her address by making brief comments on how to select the right country, which countries to avoid and also dwelt on the aspects of a successful Market Entry Plan and Strategy. Diving into the aspect of Finance, Ms. Salgaocar said that Market Research will strongly impact success chances and should be in sync with the  finance backing. She then moved on to the aspect of Export financing which could be done through Banks, Subsidies and Government financing or also through Investments and more recently through Crowd funding. Ms. Salgaocar summed up her presentation by saying that a very good Financial Planning and Strategy coupled with a strong determination to succeed are hall marks which women entrepreneurs should inculcate in their quest of seeking global Economic Empowerment.

Moving on to the realm of Ideas, Ms. Rahila Khan, Lecturer in Garment Technology at the Government Polytechnic College, addressed the fashion aspect with emphasis on the clothing and garment sector. She began by saying that fashion is what is adopted by a majority of people and explained that the Pre Historic period fashion was purely functional whereas the Modern period fashions addressed the Functional as well as non functional aspects. She moved on to say that in the 15th Century fashion was Slow, in the 18th Century there was a demand for Designer Wear, 19th Century saw the demand for Ready-mades and the 20th Century has seen a shift from Couture to Pret. Ms. Khan then addressed  a few Do's for success that included Use of Traditional art, Innovative products and effective pricing. Whereas the Dont's included avoiding high pricing and making products without demand.  The latest trends she said were the Bohemian Styles, Unisex Clothing and Gender Fluid Clothing. Ms. Khan strongly recommended that  Rental Wardrobes and Exchange / Repair cafes will be strong aspects that could also be considered for fueling growth in the Global Fashion Industry and could add strongly to Women Entrepreneurs Economic Empowerment.

Ms. Prathiba G, Chief Marketing Officer, NavaTies, addressed the aspect of how to Explore Export Opportunities in the International Markets. She began by saying that India is at the helm of a major growth in Exports and  the major seasonal changes across the globe make the export market very attractive for Women Entrepreneurs. Ms. Prathiba then addressed the key steps for Exports which included the Preparation Stage - Setting up for Exports, the Marketing Stage - Finding a buyer and the Transaction Stage - Executing the Export order. She emphasized that for Export Success it is very important to Evaluate Trade Statistics, Attend Events related to International Trade and also to get listed in county wise directories / Catalogues. Ms. Prathiba  introduced the NavaTies App which she said is a simple one point solution for Global Exports Success and highlighted some of the features of the App which supported various activities that related to Marketing, Registration/ Certification activities, Logistics / Transportation amongst others.

While expressing The Vote of Thanks Ms. Sonia Rocha, Officer, World Trade Center Goa, pondered on the finer aspects of the Seminar and  hoped that they would be of great benefits for Women Entrepreneurs who are seeking to conquer the Globe. 

Seen in the Picture (From L-R) Ms. Pallavi Salgaocar (Addressing) Ms. Prathiba G, Ms. Rahila Khan and Mr. Cyril Desoua