WTC Goa Session on NSE Listing& Currency Risk Mgmt

Feb 21, 2019

World Trade center Goa, partnered with Goa Dimensions and the Women's Wing of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to jointly host a Knowledge Session on "SME Listing and Currency Risk Management " on 20th February 2019 at Velsao, Vasco, Goa.

The objective of the Knowledge Session was primarily to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)to unlock their true potential by tapping potential investors and inviting them to invest in their companies through the platform of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India Limited.

In his Welcome address, Mr. John Rodrigues, Business Manager for Machado & Sons, lauded the World Trade Centre Goa for organizing topical programmes that are very beneficial for companies looking to increase their share in the Global Trade. He further added that this knowledge session would be very helpful for companies who are looking to get access to large amount of funds to finance their business, especially for the expansion plans to cater to the International Markets.

Commenting on the value of a company, Mr. Evancio Quadros, Chairman of Goa Dimensions, part of a Global Christian Chamber of Commerce, said that many a time companies are not fully aware of the net worth of their business. He opined that a listing on the National Stock Exchange would help such companies not only to get access to funds but also help unlock the value of their enterprise and documenting it.

Mr Gagan Deep Singh, Manager- SME, while delivering his address on the NSE SME Platform - EMERGE,
said that this platform provides SMEs across the nation to access capital market. The platform enables growing enterprises or MSMEs to approach capital markets as a new and viable option for raising capital in an efficient manner and scale up the businesses to compete globally.

During his presentation on the ‘Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD) platform of the NSE, Mr. Pankaj Kumar , Manager, BD-CDS & Debt Markets, highlighted that this platform provides better price discovery, transparency and counterparty risk eliminations. Many Importers and Exporters are currently managing their currency risk through ETCD.

Earlier, Dr. Ms. Jennifer Lewis Kamat, Chairperson of the Women's Wing of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while presenting her view on the Women Entrepreneurs of Goa, said that over the years they have progressed in leaps and bounds and are today in the forefront in leading their enterprises to commanding heights of success. She noted that she was confident that the Women Entrepreneurs of Goa will now be aware of the excellent platforms that the NSE provides and that they will take full advantage of them to further build and grow their enterprises.

Mr. Cyril Desouza, Assistant Director, Trade Promotion, while proposing the vote of thanks, expressed that the EMERGE and ETCD platforms offered by the NSE would go a long way in helping companies raise funds to invest in their business expansion plans and enhance product portfolios for the International Markets and thereby boost the share of Global Trade of India which is only 2% at present.

Seen in the picture 1 ( seated at the dais from L to R): Dr. Ms. Jennifer Kamat Lewis, Chairperson, Women’s Wing of GCCI; Mr. Gagandeep Singh, Manager-SME, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited; Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Manager-BD-CDS & Debt Market, The National Stock Exchange of India Limited; Mr. Evancio Quadros, Chairman, Goa Dimensions; Mr. Cyril Desouza, Assistant Director while Mr. John Rodrigues Business Manager; The Warehouse Company ,is addressing the participants