WTC Goa's Webinar - Solar Power Need of the Hour.

Jun 11, 2020

World Trade Center (WTC) Goa organized a webinar titled "Solar Power - Need of the Hour" on the 10th of June, 2020 with the objective of taking a holistic view of the Policy, incentives and technical aspects of Solar Power.

Ms. Rupa Naik, Senior Director, World Trade Center Mumbai, in her opening remarks stated that in today's world it is very imperative that we take a keen interest in Solar Power as she felt that it could be very beneficial for the state of Goa especially in respect of the MSMEs who could immensely benefit from this sector. Ms. Naik opined that this was indeed a very good topic for discussion that could be a strategic value addition for Goa.

The Guest of Honor, Mr. Nilesh Cabral, Hon'ble Power Minister, Government of Goa, in his address spoke on the efforts the Government of Goa is making to achieve the target set by the center. While speaking on the Reverse Bidding formula, the Hon'ble Power Minister expressed his view by saying that the rates of Rs2.50 to 3.00 per unit, he felt was very high and will adversely affect the profitability of the projects which has prompted the Government of Goa to encourage the setting up of Solar Roof tops. The government of Goa, the Minister said, aims to provide subsidy of up to 50 percent for small prosumers in residential, institutional, and social sector category. The Goa Government is ready to welcome open access policy provided the service providers agree to give power back to the grid between 6:00pm to 11:00pm, this was a major policy component that is being hotly debated and is hindering the declaration of the Solar Policy for Goa.

Mr. Sanjeev Joglekar, Member Secretary, Goa Energy Development Agency, spoke on the Goa State Solar Policy and threw light on various aspects of the policy. He spoke on the different categories for generation solar power namely small prosumer and large prosumer and highlighted the role of Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA), which he said was to announce the different schemes, look into allotment of solar power capacities, aid in the facilitation and development of solar power plants and look into identifying of land and its allotment for setting up of solar power plants. Mr. Joglekar concluded his address by stating GEDA will play a huge role in the development of Solar Power and will support in capacity building and generating awareness on the aspect of Solar Power.

Mr. Dilip Nayak, Ex-President of the Goa Solar Power Association and CEO of Rainbow Solar Power Solutions, spoke on the Technical aspects of Solar Power and briefed the participants on the how Solar Power is generated, the components of the Solar Power System and the different types of Solar Installation Structures. Mr. Nayak also addressed on the different Solar Power Generation Systems namely On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid systems and concluded by highlighting the advantages of going Solar the biggest being the arrest of the Carbon foot print and promoting green power to sustain Planet Earth.

Mr. Rajiv Samant, Superintending Engineer, Circle 1 South & Executive Engineer (SDA / Solar), Electricity Department of Goa, in his address spoke on hoe the Solar Power System Works, the different types of Meter arrangements, Procedure for Application & registration for LT/HT Solar grid connectivity under Net Metering, Commissioning Guidelines, Grid Protection - Anti Islanding Inverter and the role of the Goa Electricity Department. Mr. Samant also Spoke on the Initiatives by Electricity Department of Goa and briefed the participants on the Initiatives by Electricity Department of Goa.

A Q & A Session was also conducted during the Webinar.