WTC Goa - Just Business in the Rains

Jun 21, 2022

The Agricultural Sector in Goa is vibrant and is a source of food, livelihood and investment for the state of Goa. In the monsoon season the vibrancy of this sector is at its peak as the rains bring in the much-needed water that will facilitate the planting of major crop rice as well as helps and aids in the growing of different fruit and vegetable varieties.

In order to understand more of the agricultural techniques and best practices World Trade Center Goa organized a farm visit to a farm owned by Mr. Sandeep Prabhudesai and Dr. Jaanvi Prabhudesai in Rivona, Quepem Goa on 21st June 2022.

Mr Sandeep Prabhudesai, appraised the participants on the making of good natural manure from the coconut husk and the ideal placement of the natural manure so that better absorption is facilitated and a natural symbiotic relationship is maintained. Mr Prabhudesai also spoke on the technique of use of Honey bees for cross pollination of various fruit bearing plants for enhancing their yield. An in-dept understanding of nature’s logic was very important for better farming practices said Mr. Prabhudesai and he opined that if we can understand this then all things will fall in place. Mix farming with multiple crops is a practice that Mr Prabhudesai encourages so that fertility in the soil can be naturally enhanced.

Dr. Jaanvi Prabhudesai, spoke on the cultivation of Medicinal and herbal plants that can be used to prepare medicines as well as used in cosmetics. She was a firm believer that the good quality of water and soil available in Goa was a big plus point for commercial growth of different medicinal plants for the domestic as well as the international markets. Dr. Prabhudesai also gave a short talk on the menace of the wild animals and how one could deal with this in a humane and friendly way.