Goan Agricultural Produce : Local & Global Opps

Dec 07, 2018

World Trade Centre, Goa , Young Indians (Yi) and Agriculture Technology Management Agency, of the Government of Goa, jointly organized a workshop on " Goan Agricultural Produce : Global Challenges & Opportunities", on 06th December 2018 at Ela Farms, Old Goa.
Mr. Sanjeev Mayekar, the Project Director in his opening address informed that the Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) was initially focusing on awareness in crop production but now want to shift its focus to also emphasize on the marketing aspect that would empower the farmer on having a complete control on the entire farming chain and reap the advantage of a better profit margin that could help bring in new technology for better yield and profits. He said that Goa has a vast potential to produce rice, vegetables and cash crops like coconut and jackfruit and the Government of Goa through his department would offer the progressive farmers all the support that they would require. He opined that farmers should think of being businessmen and work on effectively implementing farming on a commercial basis.
Mr. Nikhil Khalap, Chair - Young Indians (Yi) in his address impressed upon the participants that they have to get more knowledge on how to process and Sort the Agricultural produce to cut wastages and increase overall marketable surplus. Mr Khalap stressed on the fact that Industry and farmers must cooperate by exchange of ideas so as to encourage farmers to produce more of those crops that can be directly used as Industrial Raw Material. Young Indians (Yi) he said will be a conduit to facilitate Industry and Farmer Interactions for the betterment of Farm yield
Dr. Ahire, Head - Field Research & Training, Aires Agro Limited, covered all the aspects of the entire farming process and suggested different areas that the farmers should revisit in order to produce more for the Global Markets. He presented a detailed study on the importance of Fertilizer, use of essential and balanced plant nutrition that would facilitate improved resistance to pest, show improved quality and increase overall productivity which would result in higher Return on Investment.
Dr. Pradeep Salgaonkar analyzed the marketing Aspect for Agricultural produce and addressed the issues of Agricultural Marketing Process, its challenges and opportunities. Progressive Farmers, he emphasized should be informed of Demand approximations, they should take care of reasonably pricing their produce understanding consumer segmentation and then implement a marketing strategy that would result in a win-win situation for both farmers as well as end consumers.
Mr. Cyril Desouza- Assistant Director Trade Promotion explained the concept of the World Trade Centre, the facilities it offers and the Global reach that it can offer the farmers to market their produce. He also spoke on the country wise and sector wise Reports that the World Trade Centre publishes that would go long way for farmers and other producers to produce tailor made products based on the requirements of a particular country and thus increase prosperity.
Mr. Jonathan Fernandes- Executive Member, Yi, proposed the vote of thanks and expressed confidence that this workshop will go long way in enhancing farmer knowledge and would be a guiding light for his progress through use of better technology and enhanced marketing strategies for better farm yield that would greatly enhance profitability.