Roadshows in Preparation for Vibrant Gujarat 2019

Nov 14, 2018

WTC GIFT City has been busy laying down the plan for their roadshows to be executed across the world. Placed in the strategic State of Gujarat, their role under the State promotion festival of Vibrant Gujarat, is imperative and pivotal. As the ‘Partners–in–Progress’, with Vibrant Gujarat, the Team at WTC GIFT City is helping the State to tap into different Sectors and myriad regions of the World, for participation and exploration of the opportunities, during the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat 2019, in January next year.

As a State aspiring for influx of investments and technology in the Electronics space, they plan to organize roadshows in regional sectors of Canada, China, Germany, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan and USA. On the other hand, GIFT City itself throngs as Gujarat’s International Finance Tec-City; another round of Roadshows will also be planned in the Cities of Chicago, Frankfurt, Hongkong, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Zurich. The World Trade Center GIFT City, with access to the network of the WTCA, has helped the Gujarat Government to plan these Road Shows.