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  • Provincial Budget Looks Good from 30,000-Feet - EDMONTON, CANADA - The provincial government delivered a budget that addresses some key issues for businesses, but lingering concerns remain for ending deficits. A clear path forward is needed on how the growing debt will be repaid, and more information is needed on new tax cr... more

  • AB Needs to Protect SMEs Affected by Carbon Taxes - EDMONTON, CANADA - April 7, 2016 The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is speaking out for small and medium-sized businesses that may become uncompetitive due to Alberta’s announced carbon tax. At a time when Alberta’s economy continues to lag, the additional cost of a carbon tax... more

  • Edmonton Chamber Sees No End to Deficit Spending - EDMONTON, CANADA - March 23, 2016 The recent federal budget offers little hope for restoring long-term fiscal discipline. As we see our deficit and debt levels rise even higher, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is concerned that government spending is outpacing Canada’s econo... more

  • Chamber Urges the Fed. Government to Think 'Green' - EDMONTON, CANADA - We are not looking for a pot of gold on March 22nd, but we are asking the federal government to think green in their upcoming Budget. The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is urging our federal government to be even more frugal in spending our green-backs. We ar... more

  • Businesses Hurting From Tax and Fee Increases - February 17, 2016 The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is speaking out for businesses that are reeling under the weight of new taxes, fees and other costs being layered on by all three levels of government. The cumulative effect of all orders of government looking to generate mo... more

  • Edmonton Chamber Welcomes Alberta’s Royalty Review - January 29, 2016 A new oil royalty framework announced for Alberta appears to provide a model that will keep the province competitive, help attract new investment and provide certainty for a struggling energy industry. Alberta’s energy sector provides jobs for over 150,000 C... more

  • Chamber Survey Finds Edmonton Businesses Cautious - Chamber Survey Finds Edmonton Businesses and Consumers Cautious about 2016 January 21, 2016 A two-part survey of businesses and consumers in the Edmonton region has found that the current economic slump is causing increasing concern for Edmonton businesses and consumers. Exp... more


  • Edmonton Chamber Comments on Property's Tax Hike - December 4, 2015 The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has called for the City of Edmonton to take the same measures that many businesses are being forced to take to sustain their operations, and strive for no increases in property taxes or operational spending in this year’s budg... more

  • Chamber Reacts to Proposed Climate Change Plan - Edmonton Chamber Reacts to Alberta’s Proposed Climate Change Plan November 24, 2015 The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce supports actions to deal with the very real threat of climate change. In our submission to the Climate Change Advisory Panel, the Chamber recommended new rule... more


  • WTCE Welcomes New President & CEO - The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, operator and facilitator of World Trade Centre Edmonton (WTCE), welcomed its new president and CEO, Janet Riopel, to the organization in December 2014. Riopel has deep roots in the Edmonton community and considerable experience in managing com... more