Edmonton Chamber Welcomes Pipeline Decision

May 19, 2016

EDMONTON, CANADA - May 19, 2016

The National Energy Board has put forward its report pertaining to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project that, subject to conditions, would approve the development of a pipeline running from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C. The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce supports this approval and the decision made to move forward with this nation-building project.

“We are pleased to see the decision made by the National Energy Board,” said Janet Riopel, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “Given our economic downturn, this decision is an important step towards strengthening and diversifying our economy.”

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project allows oil sands producers to access a critical alternative for shipping energy to important global markets. The spin-off effects in developing this Project are far-reaching in that it will serve both the producers and the shippers. It will also serve the broader public interest by generating benefits through jobs, taxation, royalties and other economic support.

In our submission to the National Energy Board, we noted a number of direct, local benefits for the Edmonton community including:

$547 million in construction spending;
$48.5 million in local spending by local and non-local workers during TMEP construction phase;
734 jobs (calculated in worker - months) during peak TMEP construction phase; and,
$514,000 in annual local taxes after TMEP construction.
We are pleased that the National Energy Board has requested conditions be met towards environmental protection, community safety and engagement with indigenous communities. This job production and economic stimulus can be a beacon of hope for our struggling oil and gas sector.

“Protection of our natural landscape and involvement of indigenous communities along the pipeline route and beyond is important. The Edmonton Chamber is pleased that these conditions have been put in to reassure the public and businesses that may be affected by the pipeline,” said Riopel.

The next step now lies with the federal government – more specifically with Cabinet – who will deliberate the Project, and the Edmonton Chamber is hopeful that they will see the merit in moving ahead. “We will continue to urge and work with the federal government to efficiently move towards the responsible development of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project,” said Riopel.

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