Chambers Join Forces to get Trans Mountain Built

Apr 18, 2018

Chambers Join Forces to Push Feds and B.C. to get Trans Mountain Built

April 18, 2018

A coalition of 24 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are calling on the federal government and the government of B.C. to clear all barriers to getting the federally approved Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project built.

These organizations represent the communities where the pipeline has operated safely for 65 years. Trans Mountain is the most efficient route to access new markets, providing billions in profits, taxes, jobs, tolls and royalties that all Canadians benefit from. Completing this project will send a strong signal that Canada is a stable and reliable destination for investment.

“Allowing one province to derail this multibillion-dollar project will give Canada a black eye with investors and job creators in traditional energy, renewable energy and, in fact, across every sector. We need action now,” said the Chambers and Boards of Trade, who represent 60,000 businesses, in a joint letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier John Horgan.

“Failing to build this pipeline sends dangerous signals to investors that you can follow the rules and get all the required approvals, but still see your job-creating investment stalled to death,” said Janet Riopel, President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “Canada’s track record as a serious international trading partner hangs in the balance.”

“The Trans Mountain Expansion project is in the national interest and was approved following a rigorous, scientifically sound review process,” said Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “While we are pleased with the federal government’s vocal support for this project, we remain concerned that the ongoing delays in getting it built are sending a terrible message to investors at home and abroad. We continue to look forward to the concrete steps the government will take to ensure this vital project moves forward, creating jobs and economic prosperity for Canada.”

“The best interests and pride of Canadians and our Confederation—economically, socially, politically—depend on this pipeline’s construction,” said Ken Kobly, President and CEO of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. “The rule of law must prevail or we will lose our ability as a nation to champion the benefits of peace, order and good government with integrity to the global community.”

“Enough is enough. It’s time to reinforce investor confidence in Canada. Ensuring the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project gets completed will send the right signal,” said Val Litwin, President and CEO of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce. “If we don’t send that signal quickly we risk eroding—perhaps irreparably—our provincial and national brand as a place worth investing in.”

The Chambers and Boards of Trade made three recommendations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier John Horgan.

The federal government must commit resources to assist with policing efforts in order to help local and provincial governments maintain order and limit the extent to which protestors physically delay construction.

The federal government must consider any financial tools necessary to ensure the pipeline construction proceeds with certainty.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Horgan must maintain a continued dialogue, with Premier Notley, until an agreement is reached to complete the pipeline.

The letter was signed by the leaders of:

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Alberta Chambers of Commerce
  • BC Chamber of Commerce
  • Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce
  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  • Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce
  • Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce
  • Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
  • Edson & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Evansburg / Entwistle Chamber of Commerce
  • Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
  • The Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce
  • South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce
  • Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce
  • St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Surrey Board of Trade

Open Letter: Business United for Trans Mountain

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Sheila Keenan
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce