BC's Plan to Block Pipeline Defies Confederation

Feb 26, 2018

February 1, 2018
The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is speaking out against the Government of B.C’s plans to ban increased shipments of oil from Alberta to west coast ports, which would effectively block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The Edmonton Chamber is a long-time advocate of the pipeline expansion, which will help alleviate Canada’s reliance on a single customer for our oil.

“It is absolutely crucial that we forge links to new markets,” said Janet Riopel, President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “The Trans Mountain expansion project facilitates one of the best, safest and most efficient routes to get Alberta’s oil to new markets, where we can get the best prices possible for our high-quality products.”

The Chamber applauds the Government of Alberta’s intentions to take legal and economic actions against the Government of B.C.

“We stand behind Premier Notley and her commitment to do whatever is necessary to ensure that pipeline construction proceeds,” said Riopel. “The impact this project will have on jobs and investment is significant. That’s why the Federal government declared the expansion to be in the national interest.”

The Edmonton Chamber is working with other Chambers across the country to present a unified voice in favour of the pipeline expansion.

“Producers urgently need this expansion, as existing pipelines are expected to hit capacity this year,” said Riopel. “Blocking the expansion will force producers to ship more oil by rail, which is more expensive and dangerous than shipping by pipeline.”

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Sheila Keenan