WTC Cyprus Becomes Carbon Neutral

Oct 02, 2023

In today's rapidly changing world, the corporate landscape is witnessing a remarkable shift towards environmental sustainability. Companies are not just embracing this change; they are actively leading the way, setting new standards for corporate responsibility. World Trade Center Cyprus (WTC Cyprus) is one such organization that has shown unwavering commitment to sustainability, culminating in a significant milestone. 
On the 15th of September, at the WTC European Regional Meeting which was held in Limassol, billion-air was honoured to present the very first carbon neutral certificate to World Trade Center Cyprus. 
The carbon neutral status was achieved through calculating the benchmark carbon footprint of the WTC Cyprus, which was offset via the billion-air portfolio. The portfolio places a strong emphasis on renewable energy and ecological capital, with the WTC Cyprus offsets funding the development of a solar farm and a tree planting and preservation project, supporting the economic frameworks required to monetise ecological capital. The tonnes of carbon prevented and sequestered resulted in the WTC Cyprus being attributed with 80 tonnes of carbon reductions while supporting 10 UN sustainable development goals.
World Trade Center Cyprus - The billion-air community hub of Cyprus. The community hub is the cornerstone of decarbonisation in local communities, offering the one-stop shop as well as being responsible for managing the regional “Green Pools”. Green pools are pots of money funded by billion-air with €0.50 from every carbon credit sold entering a green pool. These green pools are used to provide grants to sustainable companies aiming to break into the marketplace. Whether it’s a saltwater electrolyser or an alternate concrete that emits less CO2, the green pools are here to drive innovation. 
Establishing community hubs and utilising the World Trade Centers' ability to connect the business world will place the World Trade Centers at the forefront of global decarbonisation.
In recognition of its carbon neutral achievement WTC Cyprus’s Director, Mehran Eftekhar received a certificate by Antony Mudd, co-founder of Billion-air, a leading organization in environmental sustainability. 
The billion-air philosophy is about incentivising the uptake of sustainable practices. We believe that innovation is driven through the creation of new lucrative markets rather than government-subsidised research, Mr Mudd said.
The certificate symbolizes not just recognition but also a commitment to the future. It represents WTC Cyprus's pledge to continue its journey towards sustainability, setting an example for other organizations to follow. Our dedication to environmental responsibility, exemplified by this certificate, not only showcases their leadership but also inspires others to join the path towards a greener, more sustainable future, Mr Eftekhar said.
Join World Trade Center Cyprus in becoming carbon neutral and demonstrate your commitment to leaving the future generation with a stable environment. Why follow when you can lead a global movement?