First Business Women Summit (English version)

Jul 18, 2016

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO, URUGUAY - The first Business Women Summit from Rio de la Plata, was organized by our Business Club on June 30 and July 1. More than 50 all categories and all ages women (entrepreneurs, professionals, managers) from Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, came to know each other, train, inspire and enjoy two days full of conferences and activities in spectacular facilities of Sheraton Colonia Resort & Spa.

Alberto Forti, CEO of WTC Colonia del Sacramento, and Dr. Carlos Moreira Reisch, Mayor of Cologne, were present at the official opening and emphasized the importance of this event, which was declared to be of Municipal Interest. The event was also declared to be of Ministerial Interest by the Ministry of Tourism and it was supported by several sponsors, mass media, national and international institutions who represent women entrepreneurs, etc.


The first speaker, Lic. Cynthia Cuculiansky, talked about talent management and innovation in organizations and provided advice and concrete actions and practices to achieve that goal. Then it was the turn of Dra. Alejandra Covello, who shared with the audience her experience and advice for the creation and internationalization of a brand, inspiring attendees to take that model.

After a delicious lunch that allowed attendees meet, talk and recover energy, the third conference took place. Lic. Andrea Grobocopatel, spoke about the multiple roles in the lives of women, including the challenge of running a family business and make it a market leader in a category so heavily dominated by men as is agricultural. She further spoke about the importance of managing diversity in organizations and it relation to productivity. Then, Carina Onorato Bulat, journalist and producer, gave an inspiring talk entitled "Eight decisions to shine," which included references to the importance of teamwork, training of young people, etc. to help people to develop their full potential.

The networking continued during the Coffee Break. Women had the opportunity to appreciate the art show with female themes that the painter Fernando Fraga prepared for the Summit. After that, the public became protagonist; women told their opinions and experiences in individual interviews collected by journalist Mildred Sonderegger.

Then the last lecture began. Mercedes Ginevra, manager of "Ginevra & Sotheby's" and reprentative from WTC Buenos Aires, explained the advantages and opportunities that can be generated through partnerships with international brands. Finally, Dr. Teresa Cometto, marketing manager of Unilever Uruguay, spoke about the importance of building brands with its own identity and a social purpose, and shared examples and success stories collected from her experience.

Gala Dinner

At the end of the day, the audience enjoyed a tasting of wines and sparkling wines by the winemaker Fernando Pettenuzzo and Domaine de l'Arvol winery, in advance of the Gala Dinner in which attendees enjoyed a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere, and the delicious food prepared by the hotel staff. At dinner, some draws were held, whose main prize was an original picture painted especially for the occasion by Fernando Fraga. All participants also received a week's stay in the Riviera Maya as a special gift. The next day, after the official closing, was time to enjoy the spa and a sightseeing tour through the historic district of the city (declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity), led by the president of the Association of Tourist Guides of Colonia.

Colonia del Sacramento; business tourism venue that combines business and pleasure.

This Summit was the first of several events that our Business Club plans to bring to the city; convinced that its attractions make it ideal to stand out as a preferred destination for business tourism and meeting point for entrepreneurs and businessman in the region. With that vision, we committed, in addition to this Summit every year (the following was announced for May 2017), to organize or bring other events of international magnitude, which deal with tourism, logistics, entrepreneurs, talks TEDx, which will generate great benefits for our city and our country.

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