WTC receive Energy Management System Certification

Feb 17, 2020

The World Trade Center Colombo (WTC) was recognized as the first ever commercial building in Sri Lanka to receive the ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System Certification.

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management Systems, created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, whose purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption.

The on-going efforts taken by the WTC Colombo has enabled the building to receive one of the highest standards in energy management. A structured and systematic process was implemented and followed by WTC to ensure continuity in reducing the energy consumption annually. 

Retrofit of the HVAC systems along with identifying high energy consumers within the building and setting operational control procedures, optimizing building management system (BMS), introducing an energy accounting system and replacing the conventional lighting with LED bulbs were some of the initiatives taken to reduce energy consumption at the WTC Colombo. 

ISO 5001: 2011 Energy Management System is the latest addition to the numerous awards and accolades the WTC Colombo has received over a period for its commitment for sustainable operations and energy management. In year 2010, 2013 and 2014 the WTC Colombo was recognized as the most energy efficient building in Sri Lanka and was also awarded the Gold Rating by the Green Building Council in Sri Lanka in 2014.   

World Trade Center in Colombo is a member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) who is the owner of the iconic global “World Trade Center” and “WTC” trademarks. WTC Colombo was established more than 20 years ago in Sri Lanka under the patronage of Mr. S P Tao, Chairman of Overseas Realty (Ceylon) PLC.— the owner, developer, and manager of the building. Since its inception, WTC Colombo has emerged as Sri Lanka’s most impressive commercial landmark, as well as the most sought-after business address in the country, boasting the largest business-to-business network under one roof.