Past Events

  • The 16th CIFIT achieved great success - In order to further promote the brand and the concept of the World Trade Center (WTC), demonstrate the image of a global network of WTC, enhance network links and reciprocity mechanism, and to promote international trade and investment, the World Trade Centers Association (WTC... more

  • Chongqing-Taiwan modern service industry cooperation framework agreement was signed with Taiwan Council for Industries and Commercial Development - In order to strengthen cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in the field of modern service industry, Chongqing World Trade Center and Taiwan's industrial parties intend to jointly "promote the establishment of the modern service industry center" in Chongqing. CABR, Chairman... more

  • Join hands to seize the opportunity to develop western China and to enhance the brand value of World Trade Center. - Chongqing, as a bridge for the development of the western region, has expanded its influence and radiation effect in the country and the world at large. The "CCISF" as an annual Chongqing trade and investment fair is attracting the world's attention. On May 17-20, 2012, the ... more

  • Chongqing World Trade Center representatives participated in the 2012 Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the World Trade Center - World Trade Centers Association 2012 Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Region opened in Beijing, China on February 23. Participants of the meeting included heads of World Trade Centers from more than 10 cities from the Asia-Pacific and the Americas, Europe, and Africa, and le... more

  • The World Trade Center Association's Vice President, Asia Pacific Scott Wang to visit the Chongqing World Trade Center - February 15,2012. The World Trade Center Asia Development Scott Wang visited the Chongqing World Trade Center. Chairwoman of Chongqing World Trade Center Ms Li Shirong, and Secretary-General Mr. Spencer Wu gave a warm reception to Scott Wang, and accompanied him to visit Ch... more