Sep 28, 2017


In pursuit of facilitating trade and investment WTC Chandigarh and VERBIND-Its Trade Services arm team met Mr. Zhang Bolun, Director of China Council for South-South Cooperation to discuss the present unique opportunity for investment facilitation between them as well as expediting Chinese investors to explore the burgeoning Indian market and economy. The meeting was held in Beijing on 25th September 2017.

The meeting which took place for the exclusive purpose of joining hands to bolster and foster mutual business ties and cooperation; was very insightful and a lot of issues were deliberated and cooperation on many issues were discussed. On the same lines, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also discussed & agreed upon to enhance the cooperation. Both parties agreed upon facilitating trade information and cooperation through bilateral investments and trade facilities in the countries. They will be organizing delegation visits through international exhibition and conference as well as providing trade information, cultural exchange and other allied services.

With an assurance to act as a holistic partner for WTC Chandigarh & VERBIND, of China Council for South-South Cooperation accentuated in acting as a bridge to provide diversified trade related agendas like bilateral investments between the countries. They expressed their delight towards WTC Chandigarh and VERBIND’s effort of bridging the countries together through various trade ties and cooperation.