ABAS Technological Workshop for Industry

Feb 28, 2017

BARCELONA, SPAIN - ABAS Ibérica invites you to the Technological Workshop for the Industrial SME in Barcelona.

Do you work in an industrial SME and plan to start an ERP selection process? Then this is your event!

The day is oriented to the operational improvement for the industry through the solutions and tools of ERP tabs.

The themes of the event in detail:

• Multilevel stock management, multi-path working, design software integration
• Product Configuration
• Automated document management
• Control and management of projects
• Plant Control and Management
• Calculation of costs per process
• Business Intelligence for Sales / Purchasing / Production / Finance
• Workflow Design with WorkFlow Tabs

Furthermore, in a keynote, Rafael Sebastian, Operations Director of Lékué, will explain his extensive experience with ABAS ERP from its implementation to the present.

To learn more about the ABAS Technological Workshop, please click on the source link below.