Cyber Security and Resilience Luncheon Series

Featuring Keynote Speaker - Jeff Gaynor, President, Infragard Atlanta Members Alliance

In today’s evolving threat environment, businesses are thinking broadly about the array of risks they face-including cyber threats, climate adaptation, extreme weather, act of terrorism, aging and failing components, and the impact these risks can have on our business. Executive Order 13636 on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, and PPD 21 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience underscores the need for business to think broadly about the way we manage security and resilience across the essential services and products we rely on. Business Resilience’ events bring together the unique capabilities of the private sector and government to identify solutions to emerging risks and manage the consequences of incidents. We will discuss risk management and innovative ways the private sector can work with the government-and vice versa, to prepare and protect their organizations and their communities from the threats. This luncheon will focus on the importance of having a data security plan for your business and understanding how to protect your personal identity, as well.

$30 for WTC and Eco Commerce Exchange. Includes plated lunch, parking, tax, gratuity and program. $40 for Non-Members. Please RSVP here.