2019 Alaska-China Business Conference

REGISTER TODAY: Alaska's ONLY Annual Gathering of Business and Government Entities Involved in Commerce with China

For fifteen years, WTC Anchorage has made China a major focus of its work with an ongoing trade development program, China Calling, designed to provide members with the insight and tools necessary to pursue new business opportunities with Alaska's largest trade partner.

When WTC began the China Calling program in 2003, Alaska's exports to China were $154 million. At the time, we anticipated that Chinese companies would not only continue to be an increasingly important buyer of Alaska's natural resources, but would also grow to become investors in Alaska's major development projects. The past decade and a half has exceeded our expectations: in less than 10 years, Alaska's exports to China increased almost 10 times and hit the record high, $1.48 billion, in 2011.

At the Trade Center we are proud of the long-term role we are playing to build and strengthen the growing Alaska - China business relations. During the course of the China Calling program, we have pursued a multi-tiered approach to expand Alaskan business opportunities in China and increase the awareness of the importance of China to the state.

WTC has conducted China Business Conferences, led several trade missions to China, hosted Chinese diplomats and business leaders, including Chinese Ambassador to the United States and presidents of Sinopec USA and Huawei Enterprise USA, wrote many articles on trade and commerce between Alaska and the Middle Kingdom, and supported the work of the Confucius Institute at UAA.

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Why You Should Sponsor & Attend:

• China is the second largest economy in the world

• China is Alaska's largest trading partner (exports to China account for almost 1/3 of Alaska's total exports

• China is a significant investor/partner in the state's resource sector and there are many opportunities for growth

• China is a major customer of Alaskan seafood and minerals

• China is a large source of overseas travel and tourism to Alaska

• Support WTC's ongoing program to grow trade and commerce between Alaska and China