Algerian-Italian Business Summit

Nov 28, 2017


In partnership with the FCE, the World Trade Center Algiers and the World Trade Center Pescara launched on the 19th November 2017 , the first edition of the Algerian-Italian business summit in Pescara, Italy. The Algerian delegation was constituted of 60 business leaders from different economic sectors. On this occasion, Ali Haddad indicated on his Facebook page that the FCE "has set up a formal cooperation framework, namely the Algero-Italian Business Club, whose mission is to boost the economic relations between Algerian and Italian companies. This structure will also further promote the development of sustainable and more diversified partnerships between Algeria and Italia “.

On the 20th of November, the Business Summit was inaugurated in the presence of the Algerian Ambassador to Italy H.E Abdelhamid Senouci Bereksi who invited the Italian companies to invest in Algeria. "Our country needs structuring projects for its own development but also for regional integration," he said. The Algerian ambassador to Italy highlighted the importance of the meeting taking place in the Abruzzo region, "A region that has developed without harming its natural resources". The ambassador will take the opportunity to stress that "Algeria is the largest Mediterranean, Arab and African country. It is also a country rich in natural resources. For his part, Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui, CEO of World Trade Center Algiers, and Vice-President of the FCE said : "We can do much more to strengthen our cooperation, which remains below its potential ".

The mayor of Pescara, Mr. Marco Alessandrini pleaded, meanwhile, for "strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries, united primarily by a great history”, He added “The summit is, precisely, a great moment in the history of our bilateral relations" .

In his speech, Daniele Becci, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo, noted for his part that "Algeria is a country that is very dear to us, with whom we want to launch an economic dynamic. The summit is an opportunity to know each others “, he then added "Algeria is a very important country, a stable country with a future," .

The Algerian delegation, led by Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui, CEO of World Trade Center Algiers and vice-president of the FCE as well as Mr.Mehdi Bendimerad, vice-president of the FCE, were welcomed by the governor of the Abruzzo region, Luciano d'Alfonso on a private Cocktail reception in a Villa in Pescara .