Intelligent Lighting to Reduce Carbon at CWTC

Mar 14, 2022

In response to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, China World Trade Center (CWTC, licence holder of WTC China (Beijing)) explored new solutions for the lighting of its underground garage. 

CWTC Property and Hotel Management Co. Ltd introduced the lighting products of WIDELINKER­—a leading lighting internet of things (LIOT) solution provider—to its underground garage, and realized double energy-saving based on the traditional LED lamps. 

Before the renovation, the lighting system of the underground garage was the traditional loop control mode and timing control mode. No matter whether there were vehicles on the parking space, the lamps were always on. The ineffective lighting in the underground garage resulted in a huge waste of energy. Therefore, CWTC decided to carry out energy-saving renovation while not influencing customers’ lighting experience.

After the renovation, the intelligent lamps can not only perceive people and car, but also make linkage control between each lamp via wireless communication, as if giving ears, eyes, mouth and brain to each lamp. When there’s no people or car, the system remains in sleep mode (brightness down to 10%, i.e. power reducing 90%) or power off mode. When a lamp senses people or car, it immediately sends out wireless signals linked to other lamps, which isntantly awakes its "partners" whose brightness immediately turns up to 100%, so the lights of a certain area will be fully on. This energy saving system realizes “lights on when people come, and lights sleep when people go”. 

Onsite test statistics show that, by applying this intelligent lighting system to the original LEDs, the energy saving rate reaches 79%. According to this calculation, the CWTC underground garage can save 410,000 KWH of electricity or 119 tons of standard coal every year, which is a considerable energy saving amount. For the next steps, CWTC will take the "double carbon" targents as an important area of concern, continue to innovate and explore, and make full use of intelligent and professional technical means, to support the "double carbon" targents and make contributions to the building of green Beijing.