WTCA European Regional Meeting and Investor Day

The WTCA and its European Regional Advisory Council (ERAC) are inviting you to the 2024 European Regional Meeting (ERM) and the Open Investor Day "Unlock the WTC Potential" hosted by WTC Dresden

This year's edition of the WTCA ERM will take off at top speed with a special addition -the WTCA Open Investor Day "Unlock the WTC Potential".  In a unique setting, we will welcome a broader audience of decision makers from public and private sector in Germany interested in joining our unique global community  to showcase the WTCA brand proposition.

Focusing on the pillars of the World Trade Center concept, the WTCA ERM is aimed at bringing added value to all WTC licensees, no matter their core business. Networking times and workshops will allow Members to strengthen partnerships and cooperation with one another and help stimulate economic development in Germany. 

European WTCA Delegates will convene for conferences, collaborative opportunity sharing, and benefit from a series of talks by experts. Some of the many topics to be discussed will include the challenges that the European supply chain is facing,  sustainability, the office of the future, and many more. 

To learn Who’s Coming, about the guest speakers and further details, please visit the event website  2024 WTCA European Regional Meeting (Dresden) ( or email your WTCA Membership Lead Anais Jan at   or WTCA Business Development Lead for Europe Danica Milovanovic at  (regarding the Investor Day). 

Join us from June 10 to June 12, 2024, for another great WTCA European Regional Meeting at the World Trade Center Dresden, Germany!