World Trade Expo 2018

The 2nd edition of World Trade Expo 2018 will be organised by MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai in association with All India Association of Industries on October 29-30, 2018 at the World Trade Centre Mumbai. The Expo is a unique trade development programme providing a platform for Embassies, Consulates and State Governments to showcase various facets for co-operation in trade and investment. 

The sectors that will be featured are tourism, manufacturing, services, education, technology collaboration, etc. It will provide members of trade, industry, consulates and embassies an opportunity to interact with your trade officials to get access to vast trade potential in your state and thereby help to create conducive environment to accelerate bilateral trade. There are opportunities to exhibit catalogues, publications or other promotional materials and articles featuring the potential in the above-mentioned sectors. 

WTC provides exhibitors a complimentary stall of 6 sq. mtrs. with one table, two chairs, two spotlights and fascia. The participating organisation will find mention on all promotional material of the event. Expenses such as company promotional material, travel, accommodation and other ancillaries will be borne by the company.

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