Webinar Willemstad, Cura├žao

Webinar Promising Cities for International Business: Willemstad, Cura├žao

21 oktober 2021, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

White beaches, the Pontjesbrug and coloured houses are often the first images that come to mind when you think of Cura├žao. However, with a surface area of only 444 km┬▓, the island has a lot going for it and offers opportunities for Dutch and European entrepreneurs.

During a visit to Cura├žao, our colleague Rianne Pol visited Cura├žao Investment Export Promotion Agency (CINEX). We discussed the opportunities that Cura├žao has to offer for both Dutch and European companies. Cura├žao has faced a number of challenges in recent years, including the corona crisis. The Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) and the International Trade Center, Geneva, Switzerland have developed the National Export Strategy - Strategic Trade Development Roadmap for Cura├žao. International trade has always been an important and major component of the local economy, which is why MEO/CINEX stimulates cooperation with Dutch organisations focused on export.┬á┬á

The corona crisis caused a great deal of damage on the island, with local shops, hotels and restaurants suffering a decline in turnover, as well as bankruptcies. The borders are slowly opening again and this is allowing the country to slowly rebuild. Nevertheless, partly due to the corona crisis, the tourism sector has enormous growth potential. The island offers something for everyone; diving, hiking, sightseeing at the beautiful murals and good food at the local restaurants. Therefore, a new programme has been set up aimed at a different type of tourist - the remote workers or digital nomads. For more information go to www.athomeincuracao.com.

Constant and high wind speeds, lots of sunshine and surrounded by seawater, the three ingredients that make Renewable Energy one of the most promising sectors! By means of solar panels, small companies and households can reduce their energy costs. As the Netherlands we are very progressive in this field, why not transfer this to Cura├žao?

The IT sector is also developing on Cura├žao. The island has a large data centre - the only one in South America with a Tier4 level classification - that has access to five international undersea fibre-optic cables. Cyber security, digitalisation of education and E-commerce in particular are areas where much can still be developed.

Cura├žao is a good base for Dutch entrepreneurs. Cura├žao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If, in the future, you want to expand to America, Canada or perhaps even South America, it is the ultimate location - as a second home base - due to fewer differences in time zones.

There are also cultural differences to take into account; although the Cura├žao people will not easily say no, the manager often consults with the employees. On Cura├žao live about 157.000 people, almost everyone knows each other, therefore it is rude not to greet each other.