Stakeholder Consultation on Chemicals

World Trade Center (WTC) Mumbai in association with Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), is organising Virtual Stakeholder Consultation Meetings on ‘Analysing Tariff Sensitivities of India for the UK-India Comprehensive Trade Agreement’

The consultations will be aimed at understanding the following:

  1. Products where India is willing to offer zero tariffs/has offered zero tariffs in other trade agreements.
  2. Sensitivities of Indian industry, reasons (economic, cultural, social, political) and explore where the UK government can support India with adjustment costs through joint capacity building programmes. We need to prioritize the areas and programme for the trade agreement.
  3. Inverted duty structure imposed by India that is preventing “Make in India”, “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and adversely impacting India’s integration in global value chain.
  4. Products where the UK has strength/does not compete with Indian producers and there is scope for mutually beneficial partnerships.
  5. Examine state-level issues faced by the industry in specific sectors.
  6. Ask Indian industry about the issues that they may be facing in the UK, which may have led them to lobby for market restriction for the UK companies.
  7. Views of importers, exporters and domestic industry on non-tariff measures, regulatory measures, GI, government procurement issues, etc. Tariff or non-tariff barriers may have been imposed as retaliation for some barriers faced by Indian exporters in the UK. These need to be identified.

The feedback received will be compiled and shared with negotiators.

You can share your views on:

  1. opportunities that you foresee if your sector is opened up under the trade agreement
  2. concerns of the domestic industry arising from tariff liberalisation, if any
  3. Tariff phasing out
  4. any non-tariff barriers that you face
  5. issues in establishing supply chain and addressing inverted tariffs

Please note that there is no fee for participation. However, prior registration is mandatory.