Make Trade Work Webinar Series Session 1

Protecting Your Business Interests: Corporate Espionage, Global Security & Compliance

This webinar will provide participants: 

  • Senior Level Speakers from Whirlpool Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. State Department/Overseas Security Advisory Council, U.S. Secret Service, Bureau of Industry and Security, and FBI.
  • Latest trends in Corporate Espionage with an Intelligence Update and Industry Developments.
  • An Overview of How to Protect Your Products, Equipment and Company Secrets Overseas.
  • Insights into Minimizing Exposure, Liability, and Risk for You and Your Organization.
  • Hot Topics Including Protecting Your Computers and Portable Devices Overseas, Vetting Your Overseas Partners to Protect Your Company, and How To Assure Your Company that Recent Foreign Nationals Being Hired Do Not Work For the Competition.
  • A look at modern-day Case Studies.

For those U.S. companies who are new to exporting, to the experienced exporter, one of the most vital considerations when conducting business overseas is ensuring your business interests are being protected. Such interests include the compliance with U.S. export control laws, carefully evaluating your potential overseas business partner, and the importance of travel safety as businesses are entering new markets and send employees to unfamiliar and sometimes dangerous areas around the world. Additionally, recent events have taught us that any company, small or large, can become a victim to cyber-crime, identity theft, and the loss of proprietary information, all leading to financial damage, as well as the loss of consumers’ confidence in an organization. Come join us for this seminar on Protecting Your Business Interests and learn the ways to mitigate your overall risk, comply with U.S. Export Control Laws, travel safely abroad, and carefully evaluate your international business partners.

NOTE: This webinar is open to U.S. companies only. 

About the "Make Trade Work" Webinar Series: Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration and the World Trade Centers Association, the "Making Trade Work" webinar series is a joint initiative to help educate and increase global trade and investment opportunities. The "Protecting Your Business" webinar is the first of five webinars in the series hosted over the next year.