JELD EXPO aims to bring together all the professionals and operators in the leather industry in one place (such as hide collectors, tanners, importers, exporters, processors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, service providers, institutional, etc.) to enable them to build new trade relations, to gain a better understanding of the Algerian leather industry and its level of development, to foster trade and partnership relations, to assess the Algerian leather export potential, to stimulate investment in the various stages of the leather industry, to create an opportunity for meetings with consumers and to measure the adaptation of leather products to their tastes. In fact, it will be a matter of making the sector known and identifying ways and means of developing it.

Industrialists, traders, service providers and institutions whose activities have a direct or indirect relationship with leather and more particularly concerning the following products and services may be exhibited at JELD EXPO

 Industrial articles of leather · 

Leather goods accessories · Equipment for the preparation · 

Chemicals, dyes, etc · Services. 


 JELD EXPO will, in addition be accompanied by thematic conferences and B2B meetings to enhance the impact that this exhibition will generate.