Improve Your Operational Productivity Workshop

What if your business could produce products and services better, faster and cheaper, even in this tough economy? How do you build this capacity within your business to enable you to become more productive and more profitable?

Understanding the methodology of quality improvement is key to delivering better products and services and for being more efficient overall. Having the motivation and desire to make true, effective change is the first step. Understanding the principles of productivity improvement and how to apply them is the second.

To start you on your productivity improvement journey, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is proud to collaborate with GO Productivity to present the The Lean Six Sigma White Belt Workshop.

The workshop will provide you with valuable knowledge and enable you to become familiar with Lean Six Sigma operational productivity improvement principles. The workshop uses real life examples of Lean Six Sigma improvements and provides practical knowledge to help motivate and inspire you to improve your operational productivity.

The hands on event includes an overview of Lean Six Sigma concepts and how they apply to operations as well as an opportunity to experience the principles and potential benefits through a practical simulation designed to be fun and informative.

The workshop covers:
- Basic principles of Lean, Six Sigma, and integrated Lean Six Sigma
- Simulation of an assembly process before and after implementing these principles, including financial comparisons between scenarios
- Success stories of organizations that have implemented Lean Six Sigma
- Potential benefits that your members can expect to gain by implementing these principles

Hot breakfast will be provided.