From the CEO's Perspective

SEATTLE, WA, USA - The most effective leaders know what they stand for. They know their personal purpose and connect it with the mission of the greater organization. That’s a clear competitive advantage, both personally and organizationally. It becomes the inspirational driver for motivating and engaging employees, clients, customers, and communities.

Research shows that a strong, well-communicated corporate purpose can contribute up to a 17 percent improvement in financial performance. The long-term benefits of having employees aligned with a strong sense of purpose are immeasurable.

Join the conversation with three of Seattle’s influential CEOs and learn how they’ve infused and used purpose-driven leadership to build, invigorate and reinvent their companies.

Panelists Include:

  • Jim Weber, CEO, Brooks Running
  • Darryl Rawlings, CEO, Trupanion
  • Darrell Cavens, CEO, Zulily