Food and Drinks Asia 2014

FOOD & DRINKS ASIA: Bridging the gap between the Food Industry and its Entrepreneurs
For more than a decade and a half, Food & Drinks and Food Franchising Expo has become a traditional event in the Food Industry. It has welcomed in its halls quite a number of trade and non-trade visitors. Some of them took the opportunity these events have laid for them, and made them part of the striving and successful chain of entrepreneurs… a chain that continuously grows and creates unlimited possibilities for the PInoy entrepreneurs’ untiring enthusiasm to make this it in the entrepreneurial arena.

Filipino Entrepreneurs from Micro, Small and medium enterprises (MSME’s), even the large scale and multinational Industry players in the Food and beverage industry exceedingly took the opportunity to participate in this events, which are the ultimate venues for first hand source of the latest products and business solutions in the market, along with vast opportunities to uplift the Food Industry , and the chance to explore possibilities to reach out to our global counterparts.

Food & Drinks Asia and ASIAFOOD EXPO 2013 are the biggest back-to-back Food Industry events of the year, slated to run at the World Trade Center, Manila on September 5-8 and 11-14, 2013 respectively. Again, they promise to offer the best product lines and services available in the market; along with the latest technology and innovations for the food and beverage Industry. All lined-up for the shows’ audience to feast on… not to mention the opportunity one can discover for the entrepreneurs’ journey to success.