Everything you ever wanted to Know about LinkedIn

Everything you ever wanted to Know about LinkedIn but were Afraid to Ask!

Our November Masterclass will be delivered by Ronan Tracy, whose career has spanned sales, advertising, communications, and branding. Ronan will use his extensive experience to guide you through LinkedIn and outline how to optimise it as a sales and communications tool. Join us to unlock the potential of the platform and make it work for you.

 The Evolution of LinkedIn

Technology Meets Experience

Research – Prepare your pitch (know your audience)

Tricks of the Trade (Look beyond the Work Experience – Hobbies/Interests/Education/Connections) Door Openers

Social Selling – SSI Social Selling Index (When to post/When not to Post – Politics are key)

Polls – Topical Subjects/Engagement Metrics (Brand Awareness) – Make if Fu

Case Studies – Personal experience

Ronan Treacy started in uniform with Aer Lingus in a Ground Operations, migrating internally to Head Office. There he would start his career in sales & marketing, working as a copywriter and administrator. Internal career development took on an interesting journey through the world of communications, advertising, and branding. Over the following 20 years from 2002, Ronan’s experience crossed over into the world of online travel agency, working in the UK market for NeedaHotel.com, Insurance with 123.ie, Corporate Sales for the FAI, Corporate Sales with the various hotels. He then took a segway into working for the Irish Exporters Association on a “Customs Training Project” before returning to the world of business travel with FCM Ireland and Free Now for Business.

More recently he has returned to the world of corporate hospitality where he uses LinkedIn daily for client research, posting, online, introductions, referrals, and digital networking, alongside some brand awareness