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Xiamen-Longyan Cross-Border E-Commerce Matchmaking

Aug 07, 2015


XIAMEN, CHINA - On August 5th to 6th, Vice Chairman Chen Zhong led COIC Xiamen E-Commerce Committee to Longyan for Xiamen-Longyan Cross-Border E-Commerce Matchmaking. Chen Zhong expressed his gratitude to the CCPIT Longyan’s arrangement and support. Chairman of CCPIT Longyan Chen Kaiyan welcomed Xiamen enterprises. Leaders from Longyan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Yongding Internet Industry Incubator introduced favorable policies. The Committee also shared experience and skills with Longyan enterprises.

Over 140 people attended the matchmaking, and established a WeChat Group Chat for exchanges. CCPIT Xiamen also invited Longyan e-commerce enterprises to attend the World Business Leaders Roundtable and E-Commerce Expo Asia held on Sept. 7th.The delegation also visited Taobao village in Fujian, Longyan Electronic Commerce Industrial Park and Longyan Seahill Economic Zone.

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