WTCD Attends Showcase Ireland 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Going Global: In-Person Events take Center Stage

2023 is very much the year that trade shows and exhibitions are getting back to business after years of disruption. Trade  shows are a significant stage for innovations and product launches to showcase your products, boost sales, reach new target markets, retain customers, and gain market share. Additionally, this is where decision-makers meet in person, creating a long-term basis for trust. Attendees get an overview of what the industry has to offer and can observe the competition. Most important, it is a place to form new partnerships and long-lasting relationships within the business world.  

WTC Dublin was delighted to attend Showcase Ireland 2023 last week, meeting new prospects and catching up with existing members. Showcase is Ireland ’s leading creative expos and one of the country's largest international trade shows, with over 4,000 buyers visiting the event from all over the world. The show generates sales orders of over 20 million during the four days of the show. Showcase Ireland is presented on behalf of the Design & Crafts Council  Ireland, with support from Enterprise Ireland , in promoting the trade show internationally.  

It was a pleasure catching up with WTC Dublin’s members that were able to display their award-winning products to a global audience. We look forward to seeing you at in-person events this year, catching up with all our existing members, and  meeting future clients who want to work together to expand their international footprint.  

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