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Dec 30, 2014


As the year draws to a close, WTCA Management would like to thank the members of the Board’s committees, and committee volunteers, for their commitment and contributions. A special appreciation goes out to these committee members:

Audit & Risk Committee (A&R)

  • Mr. Jerome Toulemonde, Chair (WTC Lille)
  • Mr. Lawrence Boudreaux (WTC New Orleans)
  • Mr. Philippe Doubre (WTC Geneva)
  • Mr. Mehran Eftekhar (WTC Cyprus)
  • Mr. Vijay Kalantri (WTC Mumbai)

Digital Task Force (DTF)

  • Mr. Guillermo Ronderos, Chair (WTC Panama)
  • Mr. Georges Fischer (WTC Paris, DTF Volunteer)
  • Mr. Michael Meyer (WTC Nanjing)
  • Mr. Martin Salloum (WTC Edmonton)
  • Mr. Remy Swaab (WTC Panama, DTF Volunteer)

Executive Committee (EC)

  • Mr. Rolf Draak, Chair (WTC Nice)
  • Mr. Antonio Trueba, Vice Chair (WTC Sevilla)
  • Mr. John Drew (WTC Boston)
  • Mr. Vladimir Salamatov (WTC Moscow)
  • Mr. Martin Salloum (WTC Edmonton)

Nominations & Compensations Committee (N&CC)

  • Ms. Charlotte Gallogly, Chair (WTC Miami)
  • Mr. John Adeleke (WTC Lagos)
  • Mr. Lew Cramer (WTC Utah)
  • Mr. Pierre-Antoine Gailly (WTC Paris)
  • Mr. Ousama Ghannoum (WTC Beirut)

Sincere wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year,
Your WTCA Management Team