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WTCA Members Approve Bylaw Amendment

May 26, 2014


NEW YORK, NY, USA - The recently proposed amendment to WTCA’s Constitution and Bylaws was overwhelmingly approved by the Members at the 45th WTCA General Assembly in Bucharest. The amendment, which the WTCA Board had recommended for approval, changes Section 9 of WTCA’s Bylaws to allow for the automatic suspension of voting rights of any Member who is one year or more in arrears in its dues.

 More than a third of all WTCA Members participated in the voting, either by electronic ballot or in-person at the GA, with more than 90% voting in favor of the amendment. On behalf of the WTCA Board and Headquarters, we thank all Members who participated in this important voting process.

Warm Regards,
Scott Richie
General Counsel
World Trade Centers Association