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WTC Winnipeg Achieves Blue-level certification

May 26, 2014


NEW YORK, NY, USA - The WTCA was pleased to recognize the successful certification of WTC Winnipeg in front of an audience of 400 members and guests at Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, as part of the 2014 GA Gala Dinner festivities.

WTC Winnipeg was established in 2012 by founding partners the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and ANIM, Manitoba’s bilingual trade agency, and within just a little over a year, ramped up operations and services expeditiously and targeted certification as an early goal.

“I met with them when they were brand new members at the Member Seminar in 2012, and they were already making certification a priority in their strategic plan,” said Natalie Rideau, WTCA Certification Manager. “Their planning and execution of the process was probably among the best I’ve seen," she said.

They did so well, in fact, that they received a best practice in Group Trade Missions (Inbound and Outbound)!

As this was their first-time being certified, their achievement is recognized as a Blue-level certification and includes following categories:
• Trade Information Services
• Business Services
• Conference Facilities
• Group Trade Missions (Outbound and Inbound) – Best practices

Warm congratulations to the WTC Winnipeg team!

For further information about becoming certified, please contact Natalie Rideau, WTCA Certification Manager at