WTC Valencia Magazine 2021 Digital Yearbook

Aug 08, 2022

The WTC Valencia 2021 Yearbook contributes with a platform that promotes the meeting of the business sector, which is increasingly connected and avid in the search for business opportunities.

In the yearbook we share different topics of business interest such as the article "It is time to reinvent your companies", by Professor Nunzia Auletta, Director of Development at IESA (Institute for Advanced Management Studies).

We also give insight into the first year of Ridery, the app that "is moving Venezuelans", by Gerson Gómez, CEO of the organization, who gives us details of his entrepreneurial learning.

The ninth edition highlights the work that Ceramica Carabobo has been doing for the construction of the country for more than 65 years.

We recognize the members of the WTC Valencia Club, a true demonstration of a hard-working Venezuela.

WTC Valencia magazine focuses the best moments of the WTC diary, emphasizing the third edition of the event ¨WTC Day¨ and the ninth edition of the #InnovAccion Forum, in a year characterized by the pandemic slogan: REINVENTION.

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