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WTC Twente launches International Business Forum

Nov 21, 2014


TWENTE, THE NETHERLANDS - On 29-10-2014 WTC Twente organized for the first time the International Business Forum in the Metropool venue in Hengelo, the Netherlands. A new and unique event for Eastern Netherlands companies whose business is international trade. The Important part of this day was of course the individual matchmaking program where companies have been in contact with countries of their choice.

Over 20 countries were represented through their embassies. No less than 200 matches have been made. "It is a very effective way to contact various countries in a short time", said participant Ms Sharon Beening from Nedap company, “Offering me much information and making clear opportunities abroad.”

Besides the matchmaking WTC Twente offered two seminars on doing business abroad to the companies. Rabobank gave insight on macro and industry level into global economic developments. This topic closed well with the ' tips and tricks at international business ' by Nysingh lawyers and notaries that accounted for the other seminar.

In the evening program the yearly WTC Twente export price was awarded. The winner is SES Creative from Enschede. They manage to export very successfully over 400 creative and educational toys to children in 70 countries all over the world.

In summary, the first International Business Forum powered by WTC Twente and NBI International has been a great success accomplishing international encounters and offering interesting information and trade opportunities to SME companies and industries.

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