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Oct 27, 2017


WTC Trieste attended the "World Trade Day" event organized by WTC Twente on 2017, November 6th. 

WTC Twente and WTC Trieste have arranged an Italian gourmet Food & Beverage products tasting paired with wines during the event, targeted to the public of the event, plus a selection of Restaurant & Bar Owners, Food Managers of Clubs, Catering companies and other business users -targeted customers- of the WTC Trieste B2B platform of Italian Food & Beverage. 

The aim of this initiative is to allow the targeted users attending the event to discover the high quality of the "100% Made in Italy" products, introducing them to the platform and the great variety of products available, the efficient services related to the portal, in order to convince them about the reliability of the tool.

It will be a great opportunity to achieve a common goal: to increase the platform sales (for which WTC Twente and WTC Trieste are collaborating) and to open the market in the Netherlands.