WTC The Hague Gala 2014

Dec 01, 2014

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS - WTC The Hague International Trade & Investment Gala highlights the British-Dutch trade relationship

During the annual WTC The Hague International Trade & Investment Gala that took place Friday November 21, 2014, the event highlighted the trade relationship with neighbouring country Great Britain. Inspiring speakers such as Deputy Head of Mission of the British Embassy in the Hague Mr Nicholas Alexander, alderman Van Engelshoven and entrepreneur Sebastiaan Heijne provided an eventful evening that stimulated the international trade facilitation.

The International trade & Investment Gala was dedicated to The United Kingdom and highlighted the trade relationship between The Netherlands and this neighbouring country. During the gala dinner, several inspiring speakers covered themes such as politics, international business and passionate entrepreneurship. Frans Engering, WTC The Hague’s President: “We’re the facilitating partner for companies that aim to enter international trade. The International Trade & Investment Gala assembles all trade and investment related parties within the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”

WTC The Hague presents itself as a centre for international trade and investments. This industry contributes a lot to the economic growth of the region. Alderman Van Engelshoven during the gala: “WTC The Hague is rather important for the economic growth of The Hague, for this is where international business comes together, meets new ideas and flourishes.” 200 national and international guests attended the International Trade & Investment Gala, bridging trade and politics on both regional and international level with a boundless entrepreneurial spirit.

WTC The Hague International Trade & Investment Gala was founded to promote trade between The Netherlands and international partners. WTC The Hague presents itself as one of the most active World Trade Centres in Europe. During the gala, the centre welcomed 23 colleagues, presidents of World Trade Centres from all over the world, from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Malmö and Milano. As a member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), they are part of the world’s largest trade network.

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