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WTC Savannah Program Announces Company Expansion

Jan 28, 2019


South-East Ireland company ‘Raceix’ announced the establishment of their American headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, and have praised ‘Tradebridge’ for their assistance and support in making the move possible. Tradebridge is an innovative collaboration between Wexford Enterprise Centre, Wexford County Council, Savannah Economic Development Authority World Trade Centre, Savannah, Enterprise Ireland and Wexford Chambers.

Commenting on the development, Alison Stone Thompson, Development Officer for Tradebridge, tells us “Tradebridge came to life with a simple vision of opening new trade opportunities between the regions. This announcement from Raceix is an ideal example of how cooperation from both sides can deliver genuine opportunities for economic growth quickly."

Raceix is a tech start-up engaged solely in the international marine-leisure space. They’ve developed a game-changing hardware and software solution which informs, encourages and supports the activities, adventures and lifestyles of pleasure boat users. It’s a solution which has won them major international praise, support and recognition from the largest and most powerful bodies in the sector. Co-founder of the company, Stuart Walker, tells us “while Ireland’s South-East will always remain our ultimate home, and the base for both our management and all our research & development, America is our main market so we needed a strong base to operate from. The practical and ‘can-do’ approach from Tradebridge made our selection a very simple one, and we’re extremely grateful to the teams in Wexford and Savannah for making this happen.”

Brian Fives of Enterprise Ireland SE Branch echoed the sentiments above saying; ' It's very encouraging to see Raceix, a graduate of the successful New Frontiers programme leverage Tradebridge & Local Enterprise Office funding to efficiently open new export markets'

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