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WTC Noida Drives Blood Donation Campaign

Dec 01, 2017


VERBIND the trade services arm of WTC Noida, WTC GIFT CITY and WTC Chandigarh in association with Rotary Blood bank and Foundation against Thalassemia organized a blood donation camp for fighting the deadly ailment and supporting its patients.
The blood donation drive was undertaken on 17th November 2017 and the drive witnessed a massive support from the entire community and locality. To mitigate the scourge of such illness and providing the patients a healthy and bright future the initiative was undertaken and it also provided the opportunity to disseminate information against the disease and join the volunteers in blood donation.
WTC Chandigarh and its trade services arm VERBIND are committed in contributing to the society and championing causes that greatly impacts the lives of many people, in future too we would join hands with such organizations for a noble cause affecting millions of lives.