WTC Navi Mumbai @ ISM Pune

Aug 02, 2021

WTC Navi Mumbai was specially invited by the International School of Management (ISM) Pune to address its MBA Students and Faculty on the topic of “Post-COVID Career Opportunities for Professionals in Management”.

 WTC Advisor Mr. Jayant Ghate took a Special Virtual Session on July 10, 2021 for this purpose and more than 50 students and faculty members attended. At the outset he explained the situation created by Corona Pandemic in terms of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) principles of Management and its implications for global trade and investment. He traced the impact on and implications for Indian economy and added that Indian policies to manage the Pandemic have created goodwill across the world.

Mr. Ghate highlighted the importance of India’s trade and investment matrix and the changes taking place thereof. He mentioned how new opportunities are emerging for management professionals in this perspective in terms of Executives, Entrepreneurship as well as in MNCs. He identified the sectors such as IT, Education, Logistics, Manufacturing industries as well as Agro-Processing that are expected to achieve excellent growth in the near future. He took a case study of Agro-Processing and outlined opportunities in production management, technologies, supply chain, marketing, exhibitions etc. How mega food-parks, wine parks or floricultural parks are adding value to the Indian agriculture, he stressed upon.

Mr. Jayant Ghate also explained the effective role played by the WTCA and WTCs in this context.”Prosperity Through Trade and Investment” is the mission of the WTCA New York having over 300 WTC Members in 92 countries and this WTCs network is the economic powerhouse providing wide range of trade services and facilities to the global business people. He also mentioned about fruitful relations between many WTCs and academic institutions like universities and others for the benefit WTC Members and Students.

Participants raised number of questions regarding the topic as well as the WTCs which were duly answered. Prof. Gauri Jadhav of ISM Pune summarised the session outcome and proposed a vote of thanks.