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WTC Leeuwarden visits Steinfort Glas

Sep 27, 2018


On the 20th of September we visited with a group of 30 entrepreneurs (WTC members and guests) a real successful company in glas. Incredible to see how this company is able to offer in bulk and individual orders. Interesting to hear how they managed to come back in the market after a bankruptcy. And how! Amazing!! Learn more about Steinfort via

The people at Steinfort Glass are experts in processing glass. They think in terms of the applications. Anything is possible: tempered, illuminated and interactive glass, enameled or ceramic print glass – in all types, sizes, and colors.

They always succeed in working with you to find the best combination of function, color, and look.They think things through with their client, turning wishlist into solutions and making those wishes come true.

We experienced a successful meeting and had plenty of time to network amongst eachother.