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WTC Dublin Signs Partnership with HubSpot

Oct 29, 2019


On 24th October 2019, World Trade Center Dublin signed an official partnership with software company HubSpot. The exciting partnership comes after a successful ‘Entrepreneurs in Ireland 2019’ event the organizations co-hosted in August.

HubSpot is a global software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The company creates business growth solutions based on what it calls the “inbound” notion: that people don't want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople — they want to be helped. In this way, HubSpot offers a variety of software packages focused on helping growing businesses attract customers without cheesy, aggressive sales tactics. HubSpot’s software offerings include a Marketing Package and Sales Package, among others, all thoughtfully designed to help businesses attract new leads and grow in the most natural, effortless way possible.

As a part of the new collaboration between World Trade Center Dublin and HubSpot, World Trade Center Dublin members will benefit from access to exclusive pricing on HubSpot’s CRM packages, while HubSpot will also be featured as a Premier Partner on the WebPort Global virtual trade platform and consequently connected with WebPort Global’s network of over 2 million businesses and individuals around the world.

After the outstanding success of their first jointly-hosted event, World Trade Center Dublin and HubSpot also plan on co-hosting ongoing events on a quarterly basis. These events will target starting and scaling entrepreneurs who could benefit from the trade expertise and international business intel World Trade Center Dublin specializes in, as well as the software tools HubSpot produces for SMEs.

This partnership between World Trade Center Dublin and HubSpot is among the first of its kind and highlights the natural overlap between the client-facing, hands-on business development services offered by World Trade Center Dublin and the high-tech software needs addressed by HubSpot in the world of trade and business growth. The two companies hope that this partnership will not only bring added value to their current client bases but will help foster greater integration and spur growth throughout the whole SME community through the opportunities it will provide.