WTC DE Member Expands Drone Company into Africa

Apr 30, 2021

Congratulations to Drone Workforce Solutions, (DWS) one of the world’s premier global staffing employment and placement companies for drone operators and virtual reality photographers, for renewing its membership with World Trade Center Delaware and for its expansion into Africa.

DWS was founded by Theophilus (Theo) R. Nix, Jr., a member of WTC DE’s Board of Directors, and his wife Suzanne E. Nix and is a global technology and strategic business solutions company that provides solutions for businesses and organizations requiring drones and its applications, as well as virtual reality photography. DWS also has a state-approved drone education and training school (DWS Drone School) and a global drone employment and staffing company. DWS may be the only company that fully trains, educates, certifies and vets FAA commercial drone pilots for Corporate America.

Although headquartered in Delaware, DWS Drone School has multiple locations in the United States and is also branching out into doing business internationally. Theo says the company’s membership in World Trade Center Delaware has been instrumental in its growth worldwide, especially in Africa, where Nix said his company is “laser focused” on providing drone and virtual reality training and employment through its partnerships with American companies. “The World Trade Center, and in particular, (President) Carla Stone have been very helpful in providing us with connections in Africa where we plan to teach the citizens these technologies and then find them employment in the same industries we do here in America.”

Those industries include public safety and emergency management, law enforcement and security, insurance, energy and utility, cable and Telcom, real estate and construction and agriculture, among others. In addition, according to Nix, the DWS Drone School is the only US training school designed to help train and educate and then employ US veterans both across America and overseas.

Nix is an accomplished attorney and has worked in corporate and business law for many companies, including a Fortune 100 global company. For the last decade, he had led a Global Procurement Project allowing him to oversee and manage a Global Employment Staffing Initiative valued at $120 Million annually and has negotiated multi-million-dollar global mega construction projects.