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WTC Ciudad del Este facilitates bisectorial talk

Apr 23, 2019


WTC Ciudad del Este, with the support of the chamber of commerce and Services of Ciudad del Este (CCyS), and the Counsil of development of the East (CODELESTE) organized a meeting with the Minister of Finance of Paraguay, Benigno LĂłpez.

The most influential business people from Ciudad del Este were present for this gathering.The subject was “Analysis of the current situation and structural reforms”. The Minister of Finance, during his presentation, explained that under this government taxes will remain low and competitive when talking about the tax reform."The costs will remain low, but there will be changes in such a way that the impact of the tax is the most equitable and that the one who earns the most pays," he emphasized

This initiative, about creating opportunities where the main sectors can discuss their issues and concerns, is one that WTC Ciudad del Este will pursue, as does the WTC brand all over the world. One of the main purposes is to be the bridge that unites the necessary efforts of the different sectors to boost the economy and trade of this area of Paraguay.