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WTC Chandigarh to become Nodal Point for Business

Feb 24, 2020


World Trade Center Chandigarh is Punjab’s first World Trade Center. Punjab has the highest per capita income and is considered as the food bowl of India. Construction of World Trade Center Chandigarh is in full swing and Phase-1 of the project will be operational by 2021. We have ensured that the legacy of entrepreneurship in Punjab is taken forward through our Accelerator Center. The accelerator has already incubated more than 300 startups with a success rate of 86 percent. This has facilitated trade and business services in the region.

Punjab has evolved as a start-up for food and agriculture. With close proximity to Punjab, World Trade Center  Chandigarh is leveraging government platforms such as Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, Pradhanmantri Gram Sinchai Yojana, etc. to drive future growth in the sector. A value-based agro market in Tricity by World Trade Center's Association agricultural committee in association with agro-industry bodies will further bolster the farming market in Punjab.

Mr. Scott Wang (Vice President - Asia Pacific, World Trade Center Association ) visited India in December 2019. During that trip, he also had a close look at the proceedings in World Trade Center Chandigarh. He is bullish on India and excited about Chandigarh’s potential as the city offers the right mix for investment & business opportunities. World Trade Center  Chandigarh is set to become the nodal point for trade & business services in Punjab.

Mr. Scott is confident that the presence of a World Trade Center  will be instrumental in attracting foreign business and multinational companies as it will provide a stimulus to the business competitiveness in the region.

He also mentioned that the agricultural MAC’s will help the World Trade Center Chandigarh in creating global connects with Agricultural hubs within the network .