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WTC Chandigarh ensures safety and security of its

Apr 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic followed by lockdown in the country has left many migrants labor with no food and shelter.

"During this challenging time, WTC Chandigarh is committed to protect the community they work with. Considering the present situation, the company believes that the safety of its workers is paramount and has no plans to start operations for now."

Extending their support to all construction workers at the sites, the company has created an emergency 'Cover-19 Fund' in response to any contingencies that may emerge.

The company has created isolated shelter huts to protect all the workers at the site of the WTC Chandigarh ensuring their safety and well-being. In addition, regular food supplies and medical needs of the workers are also taken care of by the organization.
They are also creating awareness and imparting lessons on social distancing to the workers. 

The company has ensured following all necessary precautions along with the regular sanitization process at the site area.

While lakhs of migrant labors are stranded across the nation, the initiative taken by WTC Chandigarh has brought relief to the ones who are at its site area.